When thinking of changing the look of the entryway to your Cleveland, Ohio home, you may want to consider the look of Unilock pavers. With the many choices of pavers you can make your entryway as simple or elaborate as you like and make your Cleveland home truly say “WELCOME” to your family, friends, and neighbors.  Customize the look of the entryway with utilizing Unilock Pavers.  For more information or to request a free quote, contact Baron Landscaping at 216-430-0272.  For additional pictures and projects, visit our photo gallery.

It’s all about Curb Appeal in Northeast Ohio, and welcoming your guests. If you are looking to sell your home or just make your front entryway a more welcoming feature of your home, look to install Unilock Pavers.  If selling your home is in your future any realtor will tell you that homes with great entrances sell faster and for more money.  Customize your entryway with any number of features such as:

  • Borders
  • Planters,
  • Seat walls
  • Pillars

All of these add simple but unique extras to your design.

Sometimes a design may appear to be simple but gives a very elegant and inviting welcome to your guests.  This herringbone design gives the look of “old world charm and elegance” but you can have it here in the Cleveland, Ohio area.  No need to move anywhere else to achieve this look and feel.  Adding low retaining walls, as pictured here, will give you additional areas to add beautiful landscaping to add lush foliage and small ornamental trees for added elegance and appeal.  Incorporate outdoor lighting in the wall caps which will lead you and your guests to the right place and give added security at night.

Outdoor Living Space contractor

Pictured is a herringbone pattern using Copthorne Paver and Rivercrest pavers.  Also added is a low retaining wall in order to add gorgeous landscaping.

Consider adding a splash of color by adding a border.  You can color coordinate your home and entryway and walkway by using an accent color as trim.  This will add dimension to the look of your property and give you great curb appeal for your home.

Unilock Paver Installation Contractor

Pictured is a walkway using Unilock Beacon Hill pavers. Notice that the same border pieces are used on the step as well.  Very simple, yet adding the border gives your entryway a little splash of color.

For a little more sophisticated and welcoming look, perhaps you would like to add a small seating area to sit and chat with your neighbors who come to visit. By adding an elevated garden as well, this allows you to enhance the beauty of your entryway even further.  Instead of having an ordinary “square” stoop, consider adding a rounded one to give your entryway a unique look.  With adding the pillars, you can also add some outdoor lighting showcasing your entryway and landscaping for all to see.

Baron Landscaping - Unilock Paver Contractor

Please, stop and smell the roses and  enjoy the beauty that abounds around you!

If you like the look of having stone pillars, this look can easily be achieved and drastically enhance the look of the entire front entryway of your home.

Baron Landscaping, Northeast Ohio

This front entryway porch and pillars are built with Unilock Natural Stone. Carry that same design into your driveway as well to tie it all together and giving your home a great presence in your neighborhood.  Add a different stone or color to add an accent to your entryway or drive.

With using Unilock Pavers you can customize your entryway any way you choose. For safety and ambiance don’t forget to add some great outdoor lighting.  What better way to illuminate the pathway to your home entryway while adding ambiance and also providing added safety for you and your guests?  Not only can you and should you light your walkways but uplighting of your landscape gives your home a very dramatic look.  Add uplighting to a beautiful tree or landscaped area to accentuate a part of or parts of your landscaping.

Unilock Designer and Installation Contractor

Notice the lights are incorporated into the pavers; both in the walkway steps and the low retaining wall surrounding the walkway.

Now that you have decided on the look of your front entryway, please feel free to contact Baron Landscaping to start the conversation on your new Paver Entryway to your home. We will sit down with you, get to know you, and with the help of our professional Designer, we will work with you to design a welcoming entryway for your home.  For more information or to request a free quote, contact Baron Landscaping at 216-430-0272.  For additional pictures and projects, visit our photo gallery .

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