When looking for a good Landscape Design Contractor in Northeast Ohio to help in designing the perfect garden, you need to look for someone that understands that although we love to look at the wildlife, we don’t necessarily want them to be eating our gardens that we have put our blood sweat and tears into.  We find ourselves striving to have a very nice yard and garden, but yet it seems we are constantly battling the deer.  Trying to find a way to keep them from calling their friends and family to the smorgasbord we have unknowingly laid out for them can be difficult at best.  When designing your landscaping, especially in Cleveland, Ohio it’s important to consider several things.  For example, are you aware that there plants available which are not so enticing for the deer?  If you would like more information or to request a free quote, contact a quality landscape design contractor Baron Landscaping at 216-430-0272.  For additional pictures and projects, visit our photo gallery.

Deer are truly remarkable creatures. The most common deer seen in the North East Ohio is the white-tail deer. They are one of the most observed animals in North America. They are beautiful, graceful, and non-threatening, which is no surprise that people enjoy having the occasional deer wander into their yard or nearby observable location.

Keep in mind that the operative word here is OCCASIONAL!

A Magnificent Buck may be coming to visit your neighborhood

Landscape Designer Contractor

8 point Buck – looking for lunch in your yard

What do deer eat?

Deer are herbivores, which means, they eat plants, fruits, acorns, and nuts when they are available. In the fall when these things are scarce they will switch to eating grass and evergreen plants, a staple in most yards. In the winter they eat whatever food is available such as fallen leaves, twigs, bushes, and other woody plants. Unfortunately these foods are not as nutritionally dense and deer could starve if living in a colder climate with long winters, as we see sometimes in Cleveland, Ohio.  And, if there is a long dry spell with little vegetation to eat, deer will unfortunately eat anything they can get sink their teeth into, and yes that means your garden plants.

Once they know the salad bar is open, the word seems to go out to every deer in the area and it appears as though the “Jones’” are having a family reunion in your back yard.  Let’s face it, when it comes right down to it, if a deer is that hungry nothing is going to stop them from eating your plants.

There are some repellants you can use to attempt to deter deer from eating your beautiful landscape, however, there are some drawbacks from doing these tasks. Partly because after each rain or great gust of wind you will need to replenish the items you are putting down to prevent them from eating your flowers, bushes, and grasses.

  • Putting Hair around the bushes in your garden
  • Putting coarse chunks of soap around your plants
  • Placing Bloodmeal along the perimeter of your property
  • Install fencing around your gardens or yards

With this said you can contact your local Cleveland Ohio Landscape Design Expert, and have plants integrated into your gardens that the deer typically will not eat. Sometimes, it is just the vegetation is too bitter for their liking so they will move on.

Don’t let this happen in your yard!

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Is this your Northeast Ohio back yard a salad bar for the deer?


Here are some plants to consider for your garden which will still add color, warmth, and a great atmosphere without the threat of having the deer nibble them to the ground.  Baron Landscaping, your Cleveland, Ohio Landscape Expert, can help you chose the correct plants for your Outdoor Living Space.

Lilies of the Valley have a sweet fragrance

 Landscape Designer Contractor

Deer Resistant Lily of the Valley – Planted by Baron Landscaping – Your Outdoor Living Space Contractor

Meadow Rue adds great color

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Meadow Rue – Deer Resistant Plant planted in Novelty Ohio – contact Baron Landscaping – Your Outdoor Living Space Experts

Consider Bee Balm – As you might suspect, this does attract bees which helps in the pollination of the rest of your garden

Landscaper Designer Contractor

Bee Bam – Deer Resistant – planted in Bath Ohio by Baron Landscaping – Your Expert Landscape Design Contractor

A great SUNNY looking plant

A great groundcover for anywhere

 Landscape Designer Contractor

Golden Marguerite – Planted by Baron Landscaping in Lyndhurst Ohio

Landscape Designer Contractor

Sweet Woodruff – planted in Richfield Ohio by your Outdoor Living Space Expert

They all start out as “sweet looking and adorable”

Landscape Designer Contractor

Fawn – resting quietly under a tree


For a more “woodsy” plant

A great accent for any garden

Landscape Designer Contractor

Jack in the Pulpit – deer resistant plant – planted by Macedonia Landscape Designer – Baron Landscaping

Landscape Designer Contractor

Deer Resistant – Japanese Painted Fern – planted by Gates Mills Landscape Contractor

Virginia Bells add color to any garden

Nice ground cover for a shady spot

Landscape Designer Contractor

Virginia Bells – planted by Cleveland Ohio Landscape Contractor

Landscape Designer Contractor

Wild Ginger – Contact Baron Landscaping Your Independence Ohio Landscape Designer

Lungwort makes a great groundcover Pink, Blue, or White Blooms

 Landscape Designer Contractor

Lungwort – Deer Resistant plant planted in North Royalton Ohio – Baron Landscaping your Landscape Design Expert

Yes, the blooms look like their namesake

Use Catmint to attract birds to your backyard

Landscape Designer Contractor

Deer Resistant plant – Turtlehead – contact Baron Landscaping your Broadview Hts Outdoor Living Space Contractor


Landscape Designer Contractor

Deer Resistant – Catmint – planted by Baron Landscaping in Strongsville, Ohio


With delicate looking flowers, Brunnera makes a great groundcover

Landscape Designer Contractor

Brunnera – Deer Resistant – Planted by Baron Landscaping, your Outdoor Living Space Design Contractor


If you enjoy the beauty of great landscaping and don’t mind the company of deer on your property, then these are some options of foliage you can plant in your Cleveland, Ohio yard and garden.  These beautiful flowers and plants may help you enjoy the deer AND your yard and garden once again.

When you contact Baron Landscaping we will sit down with you, get to know you and your personality and help integrate that part of you into your Landscaping project. We will recommend a great layout for your landscaped area as well as what types of plants, grasses, bushes, and/or ornamental trees, and non-ornamental trees, especially ones which are deer resistant.

When designing your new landscape it is always best to contact a professional Cleveland landscape design contractor.  For more information or to request a free quote, contact Baron Landscaping at 216-430-0272.  For additional pictures and projects, visit our photo gallery .

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