What could an Outdoor Kitchen do for you?  Baron Landscaping offers the following topics and ideas for you to consider if you are contemplating building an Outdoor Kitchen in your backyard.

Is your house the entertainment capital of the neighborhood?  Are the family functions always held at your house?  Do you love to cook outdoors no matter what the weather?  If your answer is yes, perhaps you should consider having an Outdoor Kitchen built to accommodate all these affairs.  Instead of packing up all the food, the condiments, the beverages, the utensils, etc. out to the back yard picnic table, consider having an Outdoor Kitchen built.  Nowadays the accessories available to include in your kitchen can bring out any “inner chef” you may have in you.  Grilling surfaces as small as 23” x 16” to as large as 48” x 22”, how many steaks can you fit on your grill?  Along with grilling surfaces, perhaps you would like a griddle to cook breakfasts outdoors.  Or use the griddle to saute’ golden mushrooms, asparagus or other veggies.  Do you like to have chicken or turkey cooked on a rotisserie?  You can select a spit for that as well even use it for pork or lamb roasts.  Select a power side burner for the fall clambakes.  Take the grate off and it can accommodate a wok for to prepare stir fry for the gang.  There are endless options to select from to customize your outdoor kitchen.

Other options to consider including in your outdoor kitchen could be any one of the following:

Turkey Fryer

Cutting Board

Trash Container

Sink and Faucet

Built in Beverage Center

Blender which can be tucked away using its own steel hood

Grilling Tray

Cast Iron Griddle

Stainless Steel Griddle

Charcoal / smoker basket

Warming Rack extender

Refreshment Center – keep your drinks on ice


Ice Maker

Refrigerator – up to 4 cubic feet

Single or Double Side Burners

Power Burners


Storage Drawers

Warming Drawers

Suffice it to say, whatever is in your indoor kitchen, you can have in your outdoor kitchen. Imagine all the great meals you can make, not only in the summer time but year round with having an outdoor kitchen.

Having an outdoor kitchen lets you enjoy the great outdoors that Northeast Ohio has to offer.  And if you are one that loves to cook outdoors year round but would rather not put up with the elements, talk to us about building a pavilion to keep you and your outdoor kitchen dry or snow free.

If an Outdoor Kitchen is what you are looking to have built to expand your indoor entertaining space to the great outdoors, please contact us.  Work with our professional designers to customize an Outdoor Kitchen that is right for you.  No matter what size area you have to work with or your budget we can build your dream outdoor kitchen for you.

For ideas to inspire you we invite you to visit our photo gallery on our website www.BaronLandscaping.com.  For additional ideas and Outdoor Kitchen accessories, please feel free to browse https://www.firemagicgrills.com to put your Wish List together for your Outdoor Kitchen.

Baron Landscaping welcomes the opportunity to work with you to design your dream outdoor kitchen.

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