Adding a Paver Patio in your back yard will help utilize your outdoor space better. Baron Landscaping can work with you to custom design and install a Paver Patio/ Outdoor Living Space for you which will also give you additional entertaining space or your personal relaxation station.  By adding a fire pit as well (which we built on this particular project) it will help warm you and your guests on the cool spring and fall nights in Cleveland, Ohio. If hosting cookouts is what you like to do, consider adding a BBQ grill and refrigerator.  Use this as a stimulus to get better use of your real estate and create an oasis for you to enjoy for years to come..

Let Baron Landscaping help you by custom designing a patio/outdoor living space that will suit your needs.  When you meet with our designer, he gets to know you, your personality, and lifestyle to help create an outdoor living space tailored to your way of living and entertaining.

Outdoor Living Space Contractor

We work with you to custom design your space.  And now that the design is complete, let construction begin.

Of course you will need access to your new paver patio/outdoor living space from your home, so the construction of a landing is the perfect solution.

Paver Patio Designer and Installation Contractor

A new landing is taking shape so that you have easy access to your new paver patio/outdoor living space.

Premier Outdoor Living Space Contractor

Your access to your new patio/outdoor living space  is now complete.

Outdoor Living Space Contractor

After the base is poured the installation of the pavers begins to create your oasis.

Paver Patio Design and Installation Contractor

Next – we trim out the fire pit. We don’t want to be cold on our chilly Cleveland spring and fall nights.

Outdoor Living Space Contractor

The seating wall is marked to provide additional seating for family and guests as they gather around.

Outdoor Living Space Contractor

The pavers are now installed used to create your seating wall.

Paver Patio Designer and Installatin Contractor

The seating wall is anchored by posts which will not only add esthetics but will double as a light fixture for both safety and ambiance in the evening hours while you sit and relax.

Outdoor Living Space Contractor

The final rows of paver stones are put into place, please note we added row of accent trim to give your seating wall some flare.

Paver Patio Design and Installation Contractor - Baron Landscaping

The seating wall and posts are almost complete, all that is needed are the post caps.

Paver Patio Design and Installation Contractor

The posts are capped and now we are ready for trim work to be started to complete the seating wall.

Outdoor Living Space Contractor

At Baron Landscaping, we take pride in our work so attention to detail is a must.

Baron Landscaping of Independence Ohio

The trim work is almost complete which will give your new paver patio/outdoor living space a custom look.

Paver Patio Design and Installation Contractor

Consider including a nice inlay design to add some character to your patio.  Also notice by adding a nice herringbone design on the landing adds dimension to your new landing.

Paver Patio Contractor

We are getting to the end of the installation of your new paver patio/outdoor living space by applying the sealant. Soon you will be able to relax until your heart is content.

Baron Landscaping - Premier Paver Contractor

Your new custom designed paver patio/outdoor living space  is now complete and ready to add your personal touch with furniture and accessories.

Pave Patio Design and Installation Contractor

Using natural rocks or lush landscaping adds final touches to your new relaxation station.  By adding landscaping, this will also help prevent erosion of the soil around your new paver patio/outdoor living space.  Combine larger rocks with your new landscaping for a natural and inviting setting.

Paver Patio Contractor

Now it is your time to sit back, relax, and enjoy your view.  Invite friends and family to come relax with you on your new custom designed patio/outdoor living space created by both Baron Landscaping and you.

Baron Landscaping - Northeast Ohio

If you have a dream of having a paver patio in your yard, let’s sit down to discuss your wishes, a design, and budget that will suit your needs. Meet with our professional designer, Dan Baron, to custom design your paver patio and outdoor living space.  There are different options to select from if a fire pit is not on your wish list.  Other options available to choose from are (but not limited to) a water feature (if you are not fortunate enough to have a stream or pond in your yard), a built in BBQ grill, a pergola, or expand the size of your paver patio to include an outdoor kitchen.  To enjoy your new paver patio in inclimate weather, you can also add a roof to keep you dry during a brief summer rain.  For more information or to request a free quote, contact Baron Landscaping at 216-430-0272.  For additional photos of projects, we welcome you to visit our photo gallery.

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