If you are contemplating installing a walkway in Cleveland, Ohio, you need to consider whether you would like to install concrete or pavers for your project. Here are some things for you to consider before you start your project.  For more information or to request a free quote, contact Baron Landscaping at 216-430-0272.  For additional pictures and projects, visit our photo gallery.

You first need to consider whether you are going to use concrete or install a paver walkway.  Using concrete lends itself to a number of limitations and issues such as; you have one slab of concrete which may or may not have any color to it other than grey.  It does not necessarily hold up to our northeastern winters of the constant freezing and thawing allowing cracking or flaking to occur.  Also, if the ground underneath shifts, so will the concrete most likely leaving unsightly cracks in your walkway.  You will now have to repair the walkway to make it functional again but may not look as good as when you first had it poured.  For these reasons listed and many more which are not, you should consider having a paver walkway installed.  Installing a paver walkway not only allows the flexibility of direction of your walkway, it also has a multitude of colors to select from, the ability to have different designs.  Also, if one paver or a section of the paver area is damaged, you only need to replace the one paver or the section.  No need to tear up the entire walkway in order to have it looking “new” again.

What should you consider when installing your walkway?  When you are looking to install your Unilock paver walkway at Northeast Ohio property, you will need to consider the direction you would like it to take and also a design. With pavers, there are so many options you have as far as different sizes, shapes, colors and textures available for you to select from.

Are you thinking of a simply designed walkway OR perhaps adding a border for giving it a different look with texture and color?  Keep in mind as well, that with a paver walkway, should you decide in a couple of years that you would like to change the direction it takes you and your guests, you have the option to change the course.  Unlike concrete that once it is poured it is there permanently unless you pull slabs up and re-pour more concrete to change direction.

For a more exciting look while also giving your walkway some depth, consider a using different sizes and colors of pavers for a simple border.  Shown is walkway using different sized pavers for the walkway then two different colors for borders laid in a perpendicular design for a different look.

Baron Landscaping

Photo of different styles, shapes and colors of Unilock Paver Patio

To add some character to your paver walkway utilize different shaped and shaped pavers.  Using different shades of the same color palette will also add a hint of old rustic charm as shown here.  Using pavers to create your walkway will allow you to customize it an endless number of ways.

Hardscape Designer

A welcoming paver walkway by Unilock – Baron Landscaping – Cleveland Area landscape designer

Custom design your walkway so that you can add your own personal touches along with adding great landscaping that will welcome your guests to your home.  Installing the “roundabout” in your walkway lends an area for you to plant a small ornamental tree to anchor your landscaping.

Baron Landscaping

Custom walkway using Unilock pavers

Offsetting the pavers as in a subway tile pattern while using different tones, can give you a more contemporary look and feel.

Hardscape Designer

Contemporary looking entrance walkway using Unilock Pavers

For those of you who would like a more formal look, consider a herringbone pattern walkway with a different color paver to have an accent border which will help to show off your beautiful landscaping.  Surrounding your new walkway with lush foliage will only enhance the beauty of your new paver walkway.

Baron Landscape and Hardscape Expert

Formal Relaxation Garden – Baron Landscaping – Unilock Pavers

Contemplating a walkway in your yard or just to welcome guests to your home or a pathway through your grounds?  Baron Landscaping, your expert paver walkway design expert, can work with you to lead you down the right path. For more information or to request a free quote from our landscape design expert, contact Baron Landscaping at 216-430-0272. For additional pictures and projects, visit our photo gallery.

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